Angel of hopelessness   絕望的天使


Angel of hopelessness   絕望的天使



Who can see me? 
Who can hear me?
Who can save me?
And why I’m standing here?

Why I am suffering?
Why I’m shouting and crying?
Can someone hear I am singing?
And finding something let me relying?

La La la la la la la 
La La La la la la La
You are the angel of hopelessness
You are my angel of hopelessness

I am lonely, I feel sorry, and I don’t know what this feeling in my heart.
My love.
Whatever I do, I can’t bring you back to this world.

I am sorrow, I am despair, I want tell you what this feeling in my heart.
My love.
I can only sing and pray in here,
And tell you how my heart is always think of you.

Tell me why
Tell me fine
Let me try
Let me believe
You are always be my side.

Let me forget
Let me give-up
Let me know
Let me believe
I am always in your heart.

Hear my pray
Hear my voice
Feel my tear
Feel my soul
I am still waiting for you.

Trust my love,
Trust my voice, 
Trust my soul,
Trust my heart.
I still love you. My lover.

Please bring me to your place,
And our soul and heart will be together forever.
Do you know when I first time saw you,
You are always in my mind?

Can you hear me? 
Can you think of me?
Can you save me?
And do you love me?


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